Sentosa Nursing Home, Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia

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Rumah Orang Tua Sentosa, Kelang, Selangor, Malaysia Barat...facility information      

Welcome to Sentosa Nursing Home, Klang

Sentosa Klang Nursing Home / Rumah Orang Tua Sentosa Kelang in Selangor, Malaysia was born in 1997.  Our nursing home is a 42-bed  long-term geriatric care facility  located in Taman Sentosa, Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia. Sentosa Nursing Home is a clean and well-maintained nursing home. The facility is well lighted, has good ventilation and is located in a nice area.  Sentosa Klang Nursing Home, Selangor, Malaysia has well-maintained wheelchairs to accomodate those with disabilities.

  Nutritious Meals at Sentosa Nursing Home


Sentosa Klang Nursing Home in Selangor, West Malaysia, has a spacious outdoor patio for your loved ones and family to use. The residents in our nursing home enjoy the beautiful morning sun in our spacious front patio.  Three main appetizing and nutritious home-cooked meals and 2 snacks per day are served daily at Sentosa Nursing Home in Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia.

Social Activities at Sentosa Nursing Home

The cheerful and friendly nursing staff at Sentosa Nursing Home are always on hand to interact and assist in the elderly daily activities of living. All residents in Sentosa Nursing Home are encouraged to participate in daily exercises and other social activities. Our experienced nursing assistants will assist those who are in need of assistance.  Our staff at Sentosa Nursing Home remembers our residents' birthdays and help them celebrate this memorable event. The elderly residents at Sentosa Nursing Home, Klang, Selangor are always treated with dignity and respect.


  Leisure Activities Participation


Residents of the Sentosa Klang Nursing Home in Selangor, West Malaysia, enjoy their free time going through magazines as part of their daily leisure  activities. 

Exercise for Health

Sentosa Nursing Home stresses on daily exercise for optimal health. Here are some of the Sentosa Nursing Home residents performing their morning exercises.  We encourage our residents to enjoy the Vitamin D- rich morning sun which is beneficial for their bodies.


Sentosa Nursing Home at your service

Call us today to arrange for a visit to Sentosa Nursing Home in Taman Sentosa, Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia.  Have a chat with some of the happy senior citizens who have been in the Selangor, Malaysia Sentosa Klang Nursing Home since its inception in 1997.  You will be glad you have chosen Sentosa Klang Nursing Home for your loved one.


Sentosa Klang Nursing Home Contact Information:

Rumah Orang Tua Sentosa / Sentosa Nursing Home         

No. 2, 4 & 6, Jalan Dato Dagang 19
Taman Sentosa
41200 Klang
Selangor, West Malaysia

Persons to contact: 

Tel No: 03 5161 8362
H/P     : 01 6260 7778  (Richard)
H/P     : 012 2550 148  (SY Teh)  
Fax No:
Email    :

Rumah Orang Tua  Sentosa, Kelang / Sentosa Nursing Home, Klang, Selangor, West Malaysia offers private long-term accommodation and nursing care for the aged, senior citizens,  elderly, old folks and those with disabilities.  GulfCoast